Research / Surveys

"Why are you doing this?"

Simple - to have facts and figures with Lolita fashion. There are a lot of general, encompassing statements made about Lolita fashion, its sub-culture, and participants, and these surveys provide a glimpse as to the truth of those statements.

"Can I use this information for a paper/research project/etc.?"

Yes! Please give credit where credit is due! You should reference my blog as the source of your information. I also ask that you let me see your project, if possible, just because I would love to see how the information is being used. :)

"Can I suggest a survey topic?"

Yes, but I do not accept every topic suggested. My public email is, and be patient as I only check it every so often.

"What happened to your old survey posts?"

The old survey posts are a mess right now because of an account change with Blogger. If you need to access the older posts (which include survey results from 2010), please send me an e-mail explaining what information you need. I still have PDFs with the old data on them saved, if you absolutely need it. I still have the following survey data from 2010:
  • Anime & Manga
  • Brands
  • Conventions
  • Diet & Physical Appearance
  • Family
  • Activity on Negative Communities
  • Video Game Genres
  •  Internet Usage
  • Money
  • Negative Communities & Online Reputation
  • Non-Lolita Wear
  • Origins
  • Pregnancy & Babies
  • Relationships
  • The Public
  • The Rules
  • Travel
  • Video Games
  • General Knowledge
Unfortunately, due to issues with my survey provider, I no longer have access to the 2011 or 2012 results. The blog posts are still up here though, so you should be able to view them by accessing the research label I have on this blog.

"Are you doing more surveys anytime soon?"

As surveys are given, this page will be updated with links to those posts.


"Will you do an age-play / child-play / adult baby survey?"

Absolutely not. I am not comfortable with the topic, although I respect people's choices to engage in such activity, I would like to further widen the gap between age-play being the reason behind people wearing the fashion style - so please stop asking for one. If you want one, feel free to make your own.
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