Thrills Thursday: Metamorphose Releases Controversial New Outfit


On Monday, this EGL LiveJournal post began an uproar through the Lolita fashion community as Metamorphose came out with a new style that resembled, to some people, of Nazi military uniforms. The stress was put on the military hats with an eagle similar to Nazi military hats.

Compared to Nazi Infantry Officer Cap:

I think the problem people are having is with the bird symbol. The color of the uniform also is close to the color of the Nazi uniforms. In protest, many Lolitas, although only one Lolita publicly admitting to doing so, e-mailed Metamorphose in outrage for the new release. Metamorphose quickly took down the set, having this message as an apology:

"We deeply apologize for the lack of consideration for Dark Secret series, 
but we take this series just as one (uniform) series like Sailor Series and School Series.
Although we never mean to hurt specific people or groups, we’re very sorry if we hurt someone's feelings."

The getoffegl community also sounded off on this release with a mixed review. Some thought the series was adorable and wanted to purchase them, including a few who were upset at the people complaining about the series. The other side agreed it was inappropriate and offensive, and were trying to understand where Metamorphose thought this was a good idea.

Lolita fashion is something that really can expand, and I was personally thrilled to see a move toward the right direction of something different. At the same time, I can understand why some people may take offense to the outfit because of the similarity of the eagle symbols. The "Dark Series" name came off to me as calling military in general "dark", due to the morbidity associated with military and war, but with the eagle looking so similar to the Nazi uniform, I can see the connections made by others. 

What are your thoughts on the series? Would you wear it? Would you burn it? Does it matter?


  1. Victoria Suzanne11/04/2010 10:56:00 AM

    I don't like it... I don't think it's very cute and I think it does resemble a Nazi uniform... Maybe it's an interesting idea, but if someone wore this to a meetup? Things could be awkward. Even photoshoots... like war lolita? I think it'd make me uncomfortable.

  2. I don't see why they don't just take off the eagle. Then it could be any military. The green could look English for instance if they just took off the symbol.

  3. I, to be honest, don't like it. Not because I'm offended, but because I think it looks a bit tacky.

  4. I actually feel the same way! I didn't like the material. I liked the idea, but it comes off very costume-y to me. I think it's the black liner around all the seams.

  5. Regardless of whether it can be seen as resembling a Nazi uniform, to me I just doesn't look like lolita at all. Not even boystyle. I don't understand what Meta was thinking :S

  6. I agree.

    At first I liked the jacket because it would fit into a casual non-lolita outfit, especially when it's colder out, or possibly into steampunk lolita. But on closer inspection it looks very cheap. I don't understand why they used that gross pleather-looking fabric to line the seams.

    I don't quite understand military lolita. I can understand how nautical or even napoleon-esque uniforms can fit into lolita because they tend to have lots of small elegant details and can be quite beautiful with certain fabric choices. But this boiled-wool dark olive drab with clean geometric lines doesn't fit into the lolita as well. I'm dead certain that this is the result of the growing popularity of that Axis Powers Hetalia series.

  7. It's not in the least Lolita, and I can definitely see how it might be upsetting or angering for a great many people. The eagle and the colour are really, all things considered, incredibly tasteless.

    But I do have to admit, if it didn't have the eagle, and if it came in grey or navy or some other colour less associated with those memories of pain and suffering, my squashed-down dark-side-of-the-moon self that secretly adores Alien Vampires and Nachtmahr and thinks all black and panda eyes is a really great idea, would just be begging me to get it - the girl or the boy version, either one - and wear it out to my local Goth club with the biggest, clumpiest rocking-horse boots I own.

  8. I personally can't really see how one would want to make such a theme into Lolita. It seems somewhat contradictory to match something that means beauty, youthfulness, appreciation of life with something that cause death, pain, destruction, etc. They're total opposites and not in a good way. I don't even think it's the bird symbol it's the whole military aspect of it. Taking the bird symbol off doesn't make any better.
    And I agree, calling it Dark Secret...come on, secrets are kept because they might not be well received...a dark secret is kept because you KNOW it won't be well received. I'm all for Lolita Fashion expanding and moving in new directions but I think this was the wrong road to go down.

  9. To be devil's advocate: Pirate doesn't necessarily have positive connotations with it either in real life. Real life pirates that still exist today hold hostages and kill people, but there's a style for that.

    Not saying I like Military Lolita in any way, just for sake of the point you brought up.

  10. I would totally love to have this! It's so cute. The war ended a long time ago. People should just take it for what it is and stop dwelling on the past.

  11. I love it. Aside from the shiny edging and the criss cross of ribbon along the bottom of the pants, I just love it. I don't care if it's not lolita, even though technically it still has the oh-so-important silhouette. I would rock it in either color whenever the hell I wanted, if I could afford it. Hell, I'd wear the hat too, with or without the outfit, but I'd probably cover the the bird with something else. I'm not afraid of offending, I just don't want to cause a scene if things ever came down to that.
    All military looks the same to me, and after googling Nazi uniforms, this looks nothing like it. People need to stop being butthurt about it. I can understand the hat, it's pretty offensive, but considering that it was made in Japan where the audience is different, I don't think people should be complaining about something that wasn't designed for /them/. Don't like it? Don't look at. It's what they say about "stupid" posts on EGL.
    I couldn't even give a rats ass about military and the like, I don't pay attention to that sort of thing, so please, call me ignorant. But I can't deny that there's something appealing about the look of the uniform. Besides, if OTT sweet or pirate can exist, what's so wrong with military lolita?

  12. You are completely right, we've romanticize the life a pirate. Thanks to various literature and movies. Military life has been romanticize in a way, but not at the same level as pirates and their elk. I'm not an advocate for the mix of pirate and lolita. But I can see where that style has developed, if you look for the most part the style isn't really reminiscent of pirates per say but of the "ladies" they kept company with (trying to put it nicely). At least what I've seen with it.

    But good on you for bringing that up!

  13. i actually think military lolita is cute... but nazi lolita? its a bit too much i think. if someone would caught you in this in berlin they would probably beat you. the eagle is just too much, even if it was just the color and shape of the pants people would get it. especially since this is from japan. (i also found it a tiny little bit funny though)

  14. Said everywhere - only suitable for a Hetalia/Germany cosplay.

  15. Anything Nazi influenced is banned in Germany, so I believe illegal. I think the fear being naive youngster with lack of common sense getting a hold of Nazi inspired things, and potentually getting obssesed, and idolizing old Nazi propaganda and "ideals". Its a way of stopping the past from repeating in whatever shape or form. I think that after the WWII, Germany set about teaching their children about the war in order to point out how wrong it all was,,,to stop any more things similar from happening. Humans need to learn and dwell on the past for a reason. Not all people are smart in this world, and not all brought up with what is generally considered to be right. What Metamorphse has done is an example of not learning from the past, not taking it seriously, thus showing a lack of respect. Real human beings died, some that survived have new generations of family. I feel that it should not be forgotton for fade out of history. What happened then was all about twisted religious and race ideals. Is it still relavent to teach, as there are still humans in various countries out there doing the wrong things(some even idolizing Nazi ideals). Still hating, still being prejudiced, still being intolerant. There are still meglomaniacs in this world, and thats how wars(and cults too, which can lead to conflict) usually start. People with twisted ideals, wanting power, and charming people with their ideals.
    Sadly, symbols that are peacefull have been bastardised by history. That eagle, poppies that were/are a happy symbol in hanakotoba, and what was the Nazi cross symbol(can't remember how to spell the word) was just a Bhuddist symbol. What are harmless symbols in asia are now rather sinister and blood stained in the west. It may have been ages ago to some, but in the history of the human race, it wasn't that long ago.

  16. I know this is an old post, but I must say, I was a fan of this. (More of the male than the female)
    Reasons why the "Nazi" look didn't bug me is because it seems people over-reacted.
    The green is one many times seen in military, along with the eagle. It is just an animal after all.
    Plus, if history is looked at, you can see the Nazi style was similar too other military looks.
    And the lolita definition can still be turned around to many things, this could've also been also used just for an outfit. Some people just jumped the gun too far this round..

  17. National socialist,not nazi. I would buy it. Then again, I am a national socialist. and an ama-loli.

  18. I am glad they took the set of the website!

  19. I can't see a problem with it, to be honest, so what if it has its inspiration from the Nazi uniform? The eagle itself is an old roman symbol, like the swastika is an old Hindu symbol. People tend to forget where they actually came from and tend to focus on the bad things they are assembled with. Both symbols have hence become stigmatized and tabooed. But we can’t always treat a taboo like it somewhat never happened. There shouldn’t be anything out there that shouldn’t be so stigmatized so we can’t make a little fun of it in one way or the other. We should learn from history, no doubt about it, but we might as well learn from it in a fashionable, funny or even creative way, as much as treating it like a very delicate Ming vase of shame. No I DON’T support the Nazis in anyway; I find what they did despicable, horrible and utterly sickening.

  20. Jesus people, you're acting like the dress is made of Swastika Magical Rainbow Holocaust Twinkle print. The only think that even looks /vaguely/ Nazi to me is the eagle, and even then, it's a little patch on the hat, which is just an accessory to the outfit. The rest of the outfit doesn't look like anything traditional military-wise and looks even /less/ Nazi. Personally, I see more of a Japanese and Russian military uniform inspiration on this outfit more than anything else. Just because something is in olive drab and looks like a military uniform does NOT equal Nazi. 

  21. All eagles are Imperialist. There are a bundle of them, Russian, Polish, even Albanian. This is foolishness, to suggest an eagle emblem is anything more than militaristic.
    Which is surely the whole OTT, Lolita-esque Point. An all-purpose, My Daddy-Was-a-War[Wa?:-)]-Criminal outfit, accessorise to suit preferred period and place.

    Given that most of these commenters are clearly unfamiliar with uniforms, how can they see a resemblance to one particular one?

    Good Luck to the wearers, I say! Happy Romping and Flouncing!

  22. @Darktroth Not to mention that the eagle is also emblematic of things like the USA and piloting planes. I didn't see the immediate resemblance to NAZI uniform in particular until it was pointed out in the two pictures that the eagles are similar, and even then Meta could have simply changed the logo or removed it entirely to get rid of that tiny resemblance; the general outfits look like they were inspired by multiple uniforms from different countries. People probably think "NAZI!" because that's the most they've been exposed to, which is a pity, really.

    I did a project on why we should give symbols like the swastika their original meanings again, or at least make people aware of them, and I gained the respect of my prof and a few of his TAs because of the reasoning behind it: by constantly associating the swastika with NAZIs, for example, we are only showing that they've won one battle even though they lost the war. Only by re-educating people on the peaceful meanings of the symbol and doing away with all the stigma attached to it can we truly say that they have been defeated, that we are no longer living in fear of them, or at least that we no longer fear them. That's the base of my argument, anyway; I shouldn't post an essay here.


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